McMafia suggests that peace has
brought crime to many nations
Criminal gangs have been around for centuries but since the fall of the Soviet empire, there has been an alarming proliferation of sophisticated criminal enterprises on almost every continent.

Their activities can sometimes shake legitimate governments.

Bulgaria's interior minister resigned earlier this week because of shortcomings in the fight against organised crime.

The East European country has been beset by serious crime since the fall of communism.

But matters recently came to a head after gunmen recently killed two prominent Bulgarians amid accusations that police were colluding with the criminal underworld.

Our guests this week are journalist Misha Glenny, who has traced the world of organised crime from Dubai to Brazil to Japan.

He is author of the newly published book McMafia in which he suggests that peace has actually brought crime to many nations, and that the fall of communism and advent of globalisation has been eagerly embraced by international crime bosses. 

Also on the programme, Dennis Lormel, a former FBI special agent who currently works for Corporate Risk International.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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