A peace deal, reportedly, was almost reached at the
Camp David peace talks in 2000 [GALLO/GETTY]
After six years of what many analysts believe has been a 'hands-off' approach by George Bush, the US president, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process appears to be at a standstill.

New clashes and Israeli air strikes have left 20 people dead in Gaza. Three Israeli servicemen have also died in the violence.

As far as peace is concerned, the Palestinians seem hopelessly divided. Hamas controls Gaza and Fatah is in charge of the West Bank.

All of this is a long way from the Camp David talks of 2000 where, reportedly, a deal was almost reached.

So how did the peace process get to this point and is there any hope of getting it back on track?

On Thursday's Riz Khan, guest host Anand Naidoo speaks to Aaron David Miller, a former US diplomat who spent two decades working on Middle East policy.

He has just published The Much Too Promised Land: America's Elusive Search for Arab-Israeli Peace.

Also joining the programme will be Mort Zuckerman, the editor-in-chief of US News and World Report and owner and publisher of the New York Daily News.

He is also the former chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organisations in the US.

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