Actress Emma Thompson poses next to an art installation entitled
The Journey against Sex Trafficking in Trafalger Square in London, England [Getty]

It is a booming business generating more than $30 billion in annual profits for those involved.

But it is illegal and its victims are mostly women and children.

The international sex trade or, sex slavery, is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world today.

It is estimated that over 2.5 million people are coerced or tricked into this industry and/or sold to traffickers each year.

Yet, in 2004, there were only 3,000 successful convictions against traffickers worldwide. 

On Thursday's Riz Khan Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson speaks out about the international sex trade.

Thompson has joined forces with the United Nations and the UK's Helen Bamber Foundation to raise awareness about the dangers of the sex trade and pressure governments for tougher laws and penalties against traffickers. 

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