Matt Batt  joins the show to discuss his
incredible career [GETTY IMAGES]

Traditional record sales are plummeting, music industry giants like EMI and Warner Music Group have been taken over by investment houses and paid digital downloads are on the rise.

Have technological advancements forever changed music as we know it?

On Thursday's Riz Khan legendary British music producer and founder of the independent label Dramatico Mike Batt, joins the programme to discuss the changing nature of the music industry and his own incredible career.

Best known as the talent behind the kiddy-pop crossover sensation, The Wombles, Batt's work has far surpassed his early origins.

Having created diverse compositions for occasions like the Channel Tunnel opening and the Queen of England's 50th wedding anniversary, he has also written, directed and produced a musical based on an epic Lewis Carroll poem.

Today he spends his time managing the career of UK pop phenomenon Katie Melua and promoting his own just released album, A Songwriter's Tale, a retrospective based on his best-selling compositions.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Thursday, March 27, 2008

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