Hillary Clinton ended Barack Obama's winning streak,
but he is still ahead in the crucial delegate count [AFP]
On March 5, four more states went to the polls to choose their candidate for the next American president - Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island.

And just like last month's "Super Tuesday," yesterday's "Mini Tuesday" has left us hanging.

Hillary Clinton won the states of Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, ending Senator Barack Obama's winning streak.

The victories breathed new life into her campaign, and keep her running, after many thought her bid was over.

Barack Obama brushed off the results and made the point that he still leads Clinton in the crucial delegate count.

And where the fight continues in the Democratic Party, things have cleared up for the Republicans.

George Bush (R) endorsed John McCain as the
candidate for the Republican party [Reuters]
Former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, ended his run, making John McCain, senator of Arizona, the Republican candidate for the November elections.

And just a little while ago, George Bush, US president, endorsed McCain as the right candidate for the party.

So what is to be expected, as this election's roller-coaster ride continues?

Joining Riz on his panel of guests: Gonzalo Barrientos, former senator of Texas, who was the first Mexican American elected state representative in Texas.

He held that office from 1975 to 1985 and is chair of the statewide Tejano Democrats organisation.

Also on the programme, Ralph Hallow a consertvatve columnist for The Washington Times, and Jim Zogby, a senior analyst with the polling firm Zogby International and super delegate for the Democrat National Committee.

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