Ralph Nader has run for president four times, and is
comtemplating a run in this year's elections [EPA]

On Wednesday Riz speaks with the godfather of the consumer movement, Ralph Nader.

The son of Lebanese immigrants, Nader began his activism in the 1960s, championing auto safety, attacking the nuclear power industry, and fighting against the country's major polluters.

Young men and women flocked to work with him and became known as "Nader's Raiders".

They are credited with forcing the US government to form a number of agencies and enact a number of laws, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupation Safety and Health Administration, the Freedom of Information Act, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Nader has run for president four times, and now he is contemplating a run in this year's elections.

He has been accused of helping George Bush win the 2000 elections by siphoning ballots away from Al Gore, especially in Florida, where the difference was 537 votes.

The 2006 documentary on his life was entitled, An Unreasonable Man.

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