George Bush delivers his final State of the
Union address [AFP]
George Bush, the US president, gave his last State of the Union address last night, highlighting his administration's accomplishments and laying out his agenda in his last year in office.

On Tuesday Riz speaks with two experts from opposing sides of the political spectrum. David Frum is a vocal advocate of the American right. He was Bush's speechwriter from 2002-2003, and is credited with coining the phrase 'axis of evil' (which began as 'axis of hatred'). His latest book is, Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again.

Laura Schwartz served as a special assistant Bill Clinton, a former US president, and is a commentator on national politics. Her specialty is political strategy and "finding the right message".

Did Bush find the right message in his address? How will history judge the past seven years of the Bush administration?

Tune in to watch the debate.

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