Children are often the most vulnerable in any conflict
Anand Naidoo sits in for Riz Khan this week.

Afghanistan is a country that has suffered three decades of armed conflict, with no end in sight.

Today it is poor, corrupt and starved for modern infrastructure. In the meantime, the Taliban are making a comeback and slowing down the already slow reconstruction efforts.

Thursday's guests are working hard to see this situation change.

Sonia Nassery Cole has been active in Afghan politics since she fled Kabul after the Soviet invasion in 1979. She was involved in relief efforts that culminated in the founding of the Afghanistan World Foundation in 2002.

The foundation supports the reconstruction of Afghanistan with education, health and advocacy projects.

One of the most active recruits to the cause is renowned American singer and songwriter Natalie Cole, who has won eight Grammy Awards over the years for her soulful music. Natalie also serves on the board of directors of the Afghanistan World Foundation.

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