Jovial Rantao chairman of the South African
National Editor's Forum
Anand Naidoo sits in for Riz Khan this week.

The party that dominates South African politics, the African National Congress, is holding elections for a new leadership in its annual conference this week. The decisions will affect the direction of the country for years.

The ANC's next leader could be South Africa's future president. The current president and head of the ANC, Thabo Mbeki, is seeking to hold on to his leadership position, but he is trailing behind his former close aide, Jacob Zuma, who has the support of the grassroots and unions.

The tension between the two men has already delayed the vote among the 4,000 delegates, who are meeting in the northern town of Polokwane. The leadership battle has deeply divided the ANC.

On Monday we speak with Jovial Rantao, editor of The Sunday Independent newspaper and chairman of the South African National Editor's Forum.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Monday, December 17, 2007

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