Kevin Sites wrote In the Hot Zone: One Man, OneYear,
20 Wars

"One man, one year, 20 wars." That is the slogan that Wednesday's guest adopted for the ambitious journalism project he undertook.

Kevin Sites had been a veteran war correspondent for some of America's top media outlets - ABC, NBC and CNN - when he decided to do something different. In late 2005, he packed up the tools of the trade – a laptop computer, video camera, and some other gadgets - in a backpack and set out alone to cover every war zone in the modern world.

The list includes Lebanon, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Gaza, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia. Kevin's work was published on a special website set up for Yahoo News, Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone, and became a very popular place where people - especially the younger generation - could learn more about the reasons behind these conflicts, the human costs of these struggles, and their global impact.

He chronicled his adventures in book form as well: In the Hot Zone: One Man, OneYear, 20 Wars was released this October.

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