Omar Metwally talks to Riz Khan about
his role in Rendition

"We don't torture." – George Bush, the US president.

While American politicians and activists debate what constitutes torture and the way in which interrogations are conducted, there has been no denial that the US secretly transfers detainees to countries which use torture as a means of interrogation. This policy is known as 'extraordinary rendition' and it is the subject of the recently released Hollywood film, Rendition.

On Wednesday's Riz Khan we speak with actor Omar Metwally about his role in the film.

Metwally is a Tony-nominated actor who starred in Steven Spielberg's Munich and in episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Nash Bridges. We ask him about making political films in Hollywood, the challenges of playing a victim of torture and what it is like to be an Arab-American in Hollywood.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Wednesday November 07, 2007

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