Brian Eno talks to Riz Khan
The Riz Khan show speaks with legendary musician and producer Brian Eno. The force behind acts like Talking Heads and Coldplay, Eno also has a keen interest in the state of the world today – particularly when it comes to Iraq.

Criticising the policy of 'liberal interventionsim' and what he believes to be governments' manipulation of the media, Eno has recently joined forces with experts and former government officials from around the world as part of a new pan-European approach to foreign policy.

We ask Brian Eno whether or not Europe is still relevant in a world seemingly dominated by US interests, how a body of voluntary analysts can expect to make an impact upon policy makers and why anyone should listen to the views of artists like Brian Eno when it comes to matters of global importance.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Thursday November 01, 2007

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