Immaculée Ilibagiza book, Left to Tell: One Woman's Story of Surviving the Rwandan Holocaust
The Rwandan genocide is one of history's most horrific events. In 1994, nearly one million Rwandans Tutsis were slaughtered over the course of a few months, mainly by militant Hutu groups.

This holocaust unfolded before the eyes of a young Tutsi woman home from college over Easter break. Immaculée Ilibagiza spent ninety days hiding from killers in her pastor's 3'x4' bathroom with seven other women, only to hear that her entire family had been slaughtered.

Incredibly, she has forgiven the killers and helped Rwandan women entrepreneurs rebuild their communities. In the process, she taught people everywhere how to overcome evil with good.

Immaculée Ilibagiza is now a motivational speaker and author of the book Left to Tell: One Woman's Story of Surviving the Rwandan Holocaust.

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