The low cost green and white Laptops
On Thursday Riz speaks with Nicholas Negroponte co-founder of the of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Laboratory, and creator of the "One Laptop Per Child" idea.

The non-profit group has announced a program to sell its durable laptop computers to American and Canadian resident for $399. The profit from the sale of each computer will allow the program to donate another computer to a child in a developing country.

His low cost green and white machines have been built to withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures, as well as impact from being dropped and can be charged with a solar panel or a hand crank. They are both "kid proof" and "kid friendly" and the aim is to put a laptop in the hands of children across the globe.

Learn more about the program as well the man behind the idea on Thursday's Riz Khan.

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This episode aired on Thursday 04th October 2007.

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