Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede
On Thursday we speak with Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede. As a teenager, Kebede was "discovered" by a French film director in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and moved to Paris shortly thereafter. For the past few years she has lived in New York.

Kebede is famous not only for her beauty and for making millions of dollars each year from her modeling career, but for spending so much of her time on her quest to provide better health care for mother’s and children’s in the poorest of countries.

According to the United Nations, every minute a woman dies from complications that arise during pregnancy or child birth, and every minute 20 children under the age of five years die. Most of these deaths occur because of preventable or treatable conditions, according to the United Nations. The Liya Kebede Foundation Dedicated to Mothers and Children has launched projects to reduce maternal newborn and child mortality.

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