The following RIZ KHAN episodes can be watched here in full.

Amnesty vs. the Vactican
We look at the state of online-media and blogging in the country.
US Military Progress in Iraq?
Has the troop surge helped to stabilise the country?
Revisiting the Rwandan Genocide
JB Rutagarama joins the show to talk about his experiences
Politics of Sport 
Tommie Smith, talks about that famous Black Power salute that saw him stripped of his medal and thrown out of the US Olympic village..
South Africa's Challenges
Riz speaks to Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille about the future of South Africa.

Gavin Rajah
Riz speaks with South African fashion designer and humanitarian activist Gavin Rajah.
FIFA World Cup 2010
It will be held on the African continent for the first time.
Hip Hop with a Conscience
Tha all-girl group Godessa join this special episode from Cape Town, South Africa.
Freedom of expression in Malaysia
We look at the state of online-media and blogging in the country.
Role of Islam in Malaysia
From Kuala Lumpur Riz Khan discusses what it means to be an 'Islamic state'.
Perceptions of Islam
What does 'brand Islam' stand for and how to counter negative perceptions of it.
Singapore's vision for the future
Foreign minister George Yeo discusses the Lion City's standing in Asia.
Female genital mutilation
Former supermodel Waris Dirie talks about her campaign to end the practice.

Could there be relief for Sudan?
A scientist has discovered an 'ancient mega-lake' that could provide water.
Profiteers of war
Douglas Farah, the author of 'Merchant of Death', talks about the human cost of war.
Arab Americans in the US military
The founder of an association for Arab Americans in the military talks to Riz Khan.
The Islamist
Riz Khan speaks to Ed Husain about his new book.
Domestic workers in the Middle East
Their welfare is in the hands of their employers and tales of abuse are numerous.
Hugh Maselela
South Africa's legendary jazz music star talks about his new mission in life.
'The Skeptical Environmentalist'
Bjorn Lomborg has challenged widely held beliefs about the state of the environment.
Turkey's elections
Riz Khan talks to a former US ambassador to the country about what is at stake.
Kurdish ambitions
Riz Khan talks to Joost Hiltermann of the International Crisis Group.
US fear of terror
The former New York City police commissioner says the threat is very real.
Taking on the World Bank and IMF
Danny Glover's new film asks why the poor have not benefited from globalisation.
Saving Egypt's antiquities
Egyptologist Zahi Hawass talks about his mission to save his country's artifacts.
Imran Khan
The Pakistani cricket legend and politician talks to Riz Khan.
Asian Financial Crisis: 10 years on
Riz speaks with two people who were in the eye of the storm.
Are Muslims integrated in Britain?
Two years after the London attacks, Riz Khan asks Iqbal Sacranie..
Political catoonists
Those behind political cartoons can face violence, threats and censorship.
The power of lobbyists in the US
Governments around the world pay lobbies to represent their interests.

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