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I think, is about time Africa host the world cup (World Cup 2010) and show the world that they too can host a major tournament like wold cup. It will have the best opening of any tournament in the world (with the African dance, culture being displayed to the world).
Axmed Omar London, UK

(Role of Islam in Malaysia) Are the leaders of Malaysia whether Malays, Chinese or Indians or Others, blind ,deaf and dumb (sometimes), to the changing circumstances in Malaysia ? The 50 years of affirmative action and race bias are not acceptable anymore by the new generation of Malaysians. The continued provocation by the policies being perpetuated by this government are leading the country to potential chaos and racial strife. Can the leaders learn from the experiences in other countries. Whether elections are won by landslide margins or not, a very portent shift in non-Malay votes will be obvious in future.
Augustine - Ipoh

(The Islamist) Dear Mr. Khan, When a person dies of an act of nature, or an accident or mishap, we may say he was killed. But if a pre-meditated, willful act, results in death, it is murder. Therefore, the media ought to draw the difference between the two in reporting events. Those that succumb in a natural disaster, are killed, but when one loses his life from a pre-meditated suicide attack, the more appropriate expression to be used is murdered. By drawing the line and differentiating between the two, you might get a message across to the suicide bombing planners and instigators that while they may think they shall reach a glorious destination by blowing themselves up, they should know there is no heaven for murder. With regards,
Zaheer Karamali Karachi, Pakistan

(Could there be relief for Sudan?) Dear Riz, I have been a great fan off your prog and after yesterdays prog on the under water lake in Sudan I request you to look into the following geographical event that has perplexed a lot of pilots in this region (I am a Helicopter pilot flying for UN Mission in Sudan) I had floated this question on yahoo but did not get adequate response. This is about Very long, Straight, Unidentified tracks in Sudan especially between Kadugli and Abyei. I have loaded the photos as a blog at http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-4b11gigwa... Also I have been told that they are discernable on Google Earth Plus (in normal Google Earth I could zoom in only till 10thou feet) First photograph is of a point 10deg 39.61min North, 029deg 17.81min East These photos have been taken on a track of 218 deg from Kadugali town (Airfield ICAO Code HSLI) at various intervals from an AMSL altitude of 5500 feet. The second set is on the same track at a distance of 54 nautical miles at coordinates of 10.2593 / 02906.78. Mind you - these tracks r rampant all over southern Sudan & run for tens of miles in a ruler straight line. So Can you please refer this question to Dr Al-Baz of Boston Univ remote sensing centre who may be able to throw some light on it. Regards,
Asheesh - Sudan

(Profiteers of war) I would like to ask mr Farah Why we call Victor Bout as an arm smuggler or an evil person while provides weopons to those who defend them selves, their rights and countries from the evil idiology of Westerners? Isnt USA overtly arming several occupiers like Ethiopia against noble Somalian people, like Israel against Palestine and Lebnon.
Abubakar - Pakistan

(The Islamist) The bedrock for understanding islam fundamentalism genesis is the fragmented and sparse selection of Koran and Hadith which certainly lead to misinterpretation of these verses. especially when interpretation is made by marginalized and meek people in the islamic world who belive this is the only way for justice foundation
Sameer Abdel-Jabbar - Jordan

(Domestic workers M.E) Thank you so much for highlighting this issue. A terrible tragedy that is perpetuated by the shameful indifference of all the nations involved. This whole issue of incarcerating / raping/throwing acid/ maiming / killing of these workers - is the Middle East taking the violence that's been done to them by the West out on those they ... can?
Kosala - Israel

('The Skeptical Environmentalist') Why global warning is solely linked to human industrial activities? How do we explain that Planet Earth went through drastic climates changes long before the industrial revolution? It's said that even volacanoes cause global warming. How true is this?
Tarik - Morocco

(The legacy of Muslim scholarship) Hi, I was sad to hear that the number zero was discovered by the Arabs when history has always marked it as an Indian discovery. While the Arabs introduced zero and the Hindu numeral system to the West, it certainly doesn't mean that the Arabs discovered it!! Riz Khan, I do expect more integrity from your shows and from the authors your interview!!! Trust an American to manage to distort history yet again in their 'earnest' quest to set things 'right'!!! What issues matter to young Arabs?
Priya Banati - UK

(The legacy of Muslim scholarship)  I , as a 21 year old university student , really care about the economic instability that certian circumstances braught to our region by what I believe to be foreign hands .. our generation is certanly able to stand up and do what is necessary to solve the problem , but that's not enough ..there must be some kind of coordination, trust and transparency between the two generation (the young and the older which happens to be in power) to work things out , or else our future will be jeopardized.
Ali Dikanji - Syria

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