Will Singapore be able to continue its economic
success with competition from other countries?
Join Riz Khan for a special live show from Singapore where he interviews foreign minister George Yeo.

The Lion City is the second largest economy in the Asia Pacific region and its economy is seen as a model for growth by many countries in the Middle East. But how will Singapore continue its success with the growing dominance of China and competition from strengthening markets such as India?

Foreign minister George Yeo has just taken over the chairmanship of the Standing Committee of the Association of South East Asian Nations, and discusses Singapore's standing in Asia and his vision of its future.

Street Talk

In a special edition of Street Talk Riz Khan takes to the streets of Singapore, to ask people if they would want to fly in space, as plans for a space port in the Lion City gain momentum. He also meets the choreograher of a classical Indian dance being performed in the city, and finds out about reverse bungee jumping.

Watch this episode of Riz Khan here:

Watch this episode of Street Talk here:

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