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Secularism v Islam
Author Olivier Roy talks about why he believes both models are in a crisis.

Divided Cyprus
We talk to Cyprus's foreign minister on why Cyprus remains divided.

Al Jazeera celebrates 1st birthday
A year on we take a look back at some of our favourite moments on the Riz Khan show.

A mothers' choice
Two experts on working motherhood talk about the challenges mothers face.

Why is Cyprus still divided?
The deputy prime minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus talks to Riz.

Pakistan on the brink
An adviser to Benazir Bhutto tells Riz Khan why the power-sharing deal broke down.

Becoming a banker to the poor
How microfinancing is assisting small business people in developing countries.

'Rendition's' Omar Metwally
The Arab-American actor talks about his role in the recently released film.

Michael Sohlman
Riz speaks with the executive-director of the Nobel Foundation.



Saving Jerusalem's Old City
The urban fabric of the city is threatened by overcrowding and lack of maintenance.

Brian Eno
Riz speaks with legendary musician and producer Brian Eno.

Has Islam been hijacked in the UK?
One report says 'hate literature' can be found in a quarter of British mosques.
Turkey vs the PKK
Riz Khan speaks with a panel of experts on the rising tension in the region.
Photography David Montgomery
Riz Khan talks to legendary American photographer David Montgomery.

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