Riz meets the women of Hip Hop group Godessa
The world of Hip Hop, for the most part, is a male dominated business divided by the 'East Coast v. West Coast' rivalry.

But a trio of young, South African women are doing their part to change that reality. Since their first hit, Social Ills, the Hip Hop group Godessa has been standing out, not only because they are an all-girl group, but also for their sheer talent and use of socially conscience lyrics.

Godessa takes risks with their music as well relying on instrument based sounds and actual musicians for their live, high-energy performances. And when they are not rhyming, they are working on HIV/Aids prevention and reaching out to troubled youth.

On a special edition of Riz Khan from Cape Town, South Africa, we will meet the women of Godessa - Eloise Jones, aka EJ Vonlyrik; Bernadette Amansure, aka Burni; and Shameema Williams, aka Shame – as we delve into the world of Hip Hop with a conscience.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on 14 August 2007

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