Ed Husain,  author of The Islamist
His journey into fundamental Islam and what he calls "back to real life," is well documented in his book The Islamist but it has also made Ed Husain one of the most controversial Muslim writers of his time.

Some critics have described him as a "brave Muslim," whose book gives an insight into the mind of other young fundamentalists.

Others say the The Islamist is dated and misleading, that Husain reinforces stereotypes and provides no new answers or fresh information about Islamic fundamentalists.

So is The Islamist an educational tool, or one man's out-dated memoir?

On Thursday's Riz Khan we speak to Ed Husain about his experience with radical Islam and his new book.

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This episode of Riz Khan aired on Thursday 26 July 2007.

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Your comments:

The bedrock for understanding islam fundamentalism genesis is the fragmented and sparse selection of Koran and Hadith which certainly lead to misinterpretation of these verses. especially when interpretation is made by marginalized and meek people in the islamic world who belive this is the only way for justice foundation.
Sameer Abdel-Jabbar - Jordan

Dear Mr. Khan, When a person dies of an act of nature, or an accident or mishap, we may say he was killed. But if a pre-meditated, willful act, results in death, it is murder. Therefore, the media ought to draw the difference between the two in reporting events. Those that succumb in a natural disaster, are killed, but when one loses his life from a pre-meditated suicide attack, the more appropriate expression to be used is murdered. By drawing the line and differentiating between the two, you might get a message across to the suicide bombing planners and instigators that while they may think they shall reach a glorious destination by blowing themselves up, they should know there is no heaven for murder. With regards,
Zaheer Karamali Karachi, Pakistan

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