Morton Sklar, the executive director of the World Organisation for Human Rights

How free is the Internet? Have you ever encountered a site that was blocked by a government? Do you suspect that governments monitor you as you surf the Net?

On Thursday Riz will speak to two experts who are working to expose governments that block access to websites and monitor citizens' web access, along with the private companies that help governments punish people for what they write on the Internet.

Morton Sklar, the executive director of the US-based World Organisation for Human Rights, is leading a lawsuit against Yahoo! for handing over the name of a Chinese blogger to the Chinese government.

The blogger, Wang Xiaoning, is now serving a 10-year sentence on charges of "incitement to subvert state power".

The other, Ronald Deibert, is the principal investigator for the OpenNet Initiative, which investigates and exposes Internet filtering and surveillance practices.

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