This is a story of migration that goes from the Sahara desert to New York City and beyond.

Joseph's Journey takes him out of his native Liberia to the Sahara desert where he heads north towards Europe by crossing borders illegally, at night, packed into a pick-up truck with 20 other young migrants like him.

Joseph's Journey to the West ends abruptly, but it continues when he is randomly selected in the US green card lottery system. He visits the American embassy in Monrovia for his final interview and he is accepted.

After celebration and hope for the future, Joseph leaves Liberia for New York City, where he finds himself alone and unemployed in this huge metropolis, pressured by his family's poverty, and burdened by the expectation of success.

Eight years on Rewind travelled to the shores of Lake Erie to see what has become of Joseph. What we found was a man with dreams realised. 

"I believe I am living the American dream because everything is better than before," says Joseph. "I believe I can do whatever it takes to succeed, regardless of any obstacles that may come my way." 

When we played the film back to Joseph, he watched himself on screen, eight years younger, attempting to cross the desert from Liberia to Algeria in search of a better future.

"When I see this and think about the past, I feel like I have made success, I have made progress," he says.

Source: Al Jazeera