A Bigger Brother

Two cyber activists are creating a smartphone app so activists in Rio de Janeiro can securely document police violence.

Hacking Madrid

Can a technological revolution overcome Spain's deeply entrenched political elite?

Give Us Back Our Data

Evgeny Morozov decodes the digital landscape to show how new technologies provide a smokescreen for a huge power shift.

The Critical Engineers

A team of artist hackers set out to expose the devices spying on us by sending a balloon to the edge of space.

Steal from the Capitalists

As the Twitter co-creator returns to activism, his fellow hackers question the techniques he brings from Silicon Valley.

Meet Your Maker

How Massimo Banzi's Arduino microcontroller enabled thousands of people to build everything from toys to drones.


Staff Picks

In Depth

Scent From Heaven: On the Trail of Oud

Take a journey both dark and beautiful to trace one of the world’s most expensive commodities from its end users in the Middle East to its source in the forests of Southeast Asia.