On March 15, 2008 huge explosions at an ammunition decommissioning factory in the Albanian village of Gerdec killed 26 people.

More than 300 others were wounded and 3,000 houses were damaged or destroyed.  

Accidents do happen, but when a factory allows inexperienced villagers to use their bare hands to disassemble thousands of artillery shells, it is hard to call the explosion that followed an act of God.

Earlier this year Albanian journalist Ilva Tare reported for People & Power on the scandal that has transfixed Albanians since the explosion. Why has no-one been brought to justice?

Questions have still to be answered, which is why we have decided to replay Ilva's report.

This episode of People & Power can be seen from Wednesday, October 6, at the following times GMT: Wednesday: 0600, 1230; Thursday: 0130, 1400, 1930; Friday: 0630, 1630; Saturday: 0330, 2030; Sunday: 0030, 0530; Monday: 0830.

Source: Al Jazeera