Colombia has suffered decades of civil conflict involving outlawed armed groups, drug cartels and human rights violations.

In the 1960s peasant forces coalesced into two left-wing rebel groups, the Farc and the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Since then both have battled successive governments, and each other, for control of the country. Long ago both turned to drug-trafficking to fund their campaigns.

Pitted against them has been the Colombian army and - until it was disbanded in 2006 - a coalition of paramilitary groups known collectively as the United Self Defense forces of Colombia (AUC).
Since taking office in 2002, the government of President Alvaro Uribe has made significant advances against the insurgents with the help of a vast intelligence network, largely drawn from civilians living in the combat zones. 
But throughout this brutal and confusing conflict both sides have also relied on children to gather information on their opponents.

As filmmaker Rodrigo Vazquez reports, this has led to a battle for the hearts and minds of the children of Colombia that continues unchecked today. 
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Source: Al Jazeera