The Sulu Archipelago is a group of several hundred islands situated in the southern Philippines. 

While it should be a tourist destination, it is perhaps best known as the refuge for the militant organisation the Abu Sayyaf group which is infamous for kidnappings, beheadings, bombings and assassinations. 

Last June, Abu Sayyaf made headlines again after its members kidnapped a Philippine television crew - they were safely released after paying close to half a million dollars in ransom.

Today, the Philippine military continues to fight Abu Sayyaf, which the US believes has ties to al-Qaeda, and its troops are in Sulu, fighting what Washington refers to as the second front in it's 'war on terror'. 

But Sulu remains one of the most dangerous places in the Philippines, where guns are part of the culture and armed violence is the biggest cause of death.

Filmmaker Orlando De Guzman took the perilous journey deep into the heart of Sulu, a remote and lawless place to look beyond terrorism and to understand the real problems contributing to the cycle of violence in this land ruled by the gun.

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Source: Al Jazeera