Traditional Nepalese dance at a Maoist election rally
Nepal is in the grip of election fever, with fury and fatalities, many are claiming that radical Maoists are using violence, intimidation and kidnapping to win power.

The winning representatives from these elections will form a new assembly to draw up a fresh constitution for the country.

The Maoists want to abolish the monarchy, which enjoyed, in fact relished, absolute power until 2005.

Mass protests, in 2006, backed by the Maoists, forced political reforms.

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Now these multi-party elections present Nepalese voters with the broadest of choices - from the far left to the extreme right.

But it is the Maoists who are making the biggest impact by fair means or foul.

People & Power's Aloke Devichand went on the campaign trail in Kathmandu.

Kampala Poverty

Samah El Shahat gets up close and personal
on the streets of Kampala, Uganda
Poverty in Africa is both a truth and a media cliche.

Most of our perceptions of Africa are largely defined by poverty.

So how do governments in Africa really make a difference to the lives of their people?

The Ugandan government has been praised for its economic reforms and effective governance.

Samah El Shahat hit the streets of Kampala, to hear what the people think.

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