Redykulyass members KJ and Walter Mongare

After protests following last month’s elections, leaving 600 people dead and up to a quarter of a million displaced, Kenya’s leading political contenders are finally talking peace.

With President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga agreeing to meet with mediator and chairman of the African Union, John Kufor, it is hoped that at least some of the political tension may ease.

In this special episode of People & Power, we take a look back at a much happier time, when Kenyan comedy group, Redykulyass encouraged young Kenyans to register to vote in the December 2007 elections.

Comedian KJ impersonates the Kenyan First Lady

Redykulyass are now involved in the reconciliation effort. One of its members, John Kiarie, (KJ), also has first hand experience of the election, standing as a candidate for the opposition Orange Democratic Movement in the Nairobi constituency of Dagoretti.

John and fellow comedian Walter Mongare join presenter Samah el-Shahat in an engaging studio discussion about where the country is headed.

Burning Issues

Danger of an explosive civil war between the army and Baloch nationalists has been brewing now for decades in Pakistan's South Western province of Balochistan.

Balochistan has a population of about 10 million inhabitants

Since 1948, the Baloch nationalists have been demanding greater political rights, autonomy and control over their natural resources.

Its people, the vast majority of whom live in poverty, claim they have been deprived of their share of gas royalties, despite producing over half of the country’s gas.

The nationalists have led a number of insurgencies which have been totally suppressed by the army. But there is growing fear that a new insurgency could create a new Bangladesh.

Sal Ahmed reports from Balochistan.

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