Will a more educated workforce help develop the country’s economy?

Samah El-Shahat presents the first episode of THE VILLAGE, an on-going series exploring the people and power that shape life in a small Ugandan town.

Busunju: A Rough Guide

Uganda is at the dawn of improving its people's lifestyle. The country is barely starting to recover from twenty years of civil war in the north and cruel memories of the conflict are still fresh in the people's minds.

In Busunju, a small town located 30 miles away from the capital, residents appear ready to embrace globalization. They look to the West a model, and like many other countries in Africa, their goals focus on fighting poverty and improving educational standards. But with competitors such as China also present on Busunju's market stands, does Uganda have the means to enter the global economy? Does it even have enough revenues to survive on its own turf?

The lack of infrastructure, international competition and national work regulations are just a few of the obstacles Ugandans are facing today.

People & Power travel to Busunju to ask locals how to place the town on the right track.

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This episode of People & Power aired on Wednesday January 16, 2008.

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