Hanoi-based artist Le Quang Ha believes the gap between the rich and poor is widening
Vietnam is a country associated primarily with war and communism in the eyes of the west. But modern-day Vietnam, with its free-market socialism, is another country. One of the fastest-growing countries in the world, economists believe that by 2020 it could become a developed country. But it comes at a price - and nowhere can this be seen more than in the social upheaval between younger and older generations.

People & Power speak to teenagers, university students, war veterans and parents about how Vietnam was, how it is now and how the people of these very different eras and ideologies coexist.

Mr Manila

Alfredo Lim has a zero-tolerance approach to Manila's drug and sex-trade industries

His reign as the mayor of Manila during the 1990's had the criminals running for cover – but now the man dubbed 'Dirty Harry Lim' is back – and once again promising to clean up the capital of the Philippines.

Mayor Alfredo Lim was once the country's 'Top Cop' – and his reputation for getting tough on criminals and maintaining law and order is legendary.

Now, with the country struggling to control an epidemic in drug use and rising crime – Alfredo Lim has been re-elected to the role of city mayor and given a mandate to fix-up Manila.

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This episode of People & Power aired from Wednesday November 07, 2007.

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