The Somali civil war has been going on since 1988
After almost two decades of civil war, how does a region survive and prosper into a fully functional society?

The Somaliland region's struggle for independence from Somalia has lasted since 1988 and cost thousands of lives. The current government in power, known locally as the TGF (Transitional Federal Government of Somalia), has contested legitimacy and little power.

The recent fighting in southern Somalia, meanwhile, has resulted in many people leaving their homes to seek refuge in Somaliland. Due to the lack of recognition of Somaliland by the international community, these refugees are not technically classified as having crossed any international borders. They are not officially seen as refugees - consequently aid and support are not sufficient to meet their needs.

The lack of formal recognition means that the risks are too great for most private, foreign investors. Until money begins to flow to the Somaliland region again, the position of normal citizens as well as refugees remains precarious.

Despite these setbacks, however, the citizens of Somaliland have been able to create a space in which business can take place. The rise in private sector development has brought benefits to society as a whole, where families can pay to educate their children. A new university has also been established.

People & Power investigate how the people of Somaliland have survived and prospered against the odds.

Power of One - Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is inspired by Gandhi and
Bertrand Russell
"Speed is the curse of our modern industrial society", declares Satish Kumar.

Kumar believes in a peaceful and calm way of living where man lives in harmony with nature and his environment.

A former Jain monk, Kumar is now a nuclear disarmament advocate and the current editor of Resurgence Magazine.

People & Power visit this extraordinary man.

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