Over 500,000 Indonesians were displaced after the
Two years after the Tsunami that killed nearly killed at least 200,000 people, People & Power travel to Aceh, Indonesia to find out where all the aid money went.

Aceh was one of the regions hit worst by the deadly Asian earthquake. Up to a million were displaced in the regional capital of Aceh, which was nearest to the earthquake's epicentre. The disaster sparked an unprecedented outpouring of 13.5 billion dollars in aid donations.
Recent demonstrations in Aceh saw hundreds of protesters claiming they had seen little of the five billion dollars allocated to them for Tsunami relief projects - and that much had been misspent. Juliana Ruhfus speaks to activists, the key NGOs responsible for implementing development on the ground, and a former Oxfam worker who resigned after their failure to deliver on promises of sanitation for the villagers.

This episode of People & Power aired 11 December 2006

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