About 800 people have been killed in the
Basque Country from ETA attacks

Following the arrest of 23 members of the Basque "Batasuna" party, People & Power present an exclusive report filmed during the build-up to these arrests.

We investigate the banning of pro-independence Basque parties by the Spanish government in local elections due to their alleged links with the separatist ETA group.
Since ETA first started its military campaign 50 years ago over 800 people have been killed whilst the Basque population has experienced a clampdown by the military and police.

Family members demand the release of
prisoners arrested for separatist violence

Feelings on both sides run high and victims of terrorist attacks are pitched against family members campaigning for the release of those arrested for separatist violence. 

With Batasuna banned in 2003, voters in the Basque heartland turn to vote for another pro-independence party, ANV. But ANV, too, soon is under government pressure and sees its candidates blacklisted.

Voters feel increasingly alienated as they have no-one left to vote for - but if all it takes is to denounce ETA's violence why are Batasuna and ANV so reluctant to do so?


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