Comedian KJ impersonates the Kenyan First
Lady and Tony Njuguna, left, plays President Kibaki
People & Power introduce … Redykyulass!

Kenyan comedians KJ, Walter Mongra, and Tony Njuguna are determined to get youth interested in politics using something you do not hear much in the offices of the political class - laughter.

With the Kenyan presidential elections set in December, Redykyulass is not wasting any time.

They perform on stage and in concert regularly across the country, encouraging young people to take a stand against a government mired with claims of corruption.

The group first made their name in political satire under the one-party regime of Daniel Moi. Now they are continuing the comedy with current President Mwai Kibaki - and his controversial wife Lucy.

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This episode of People & Power aired from Sunday 14 October 2007

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