The following People & Power episodes can be watched here in full.

Island Divided?
People & Power investigates democracy in Bahrain amid sectarian tensions.
Sultan's Blue Dream
A report into the political and cultural structure of Oman.
Exxon in the dock
Is the most profitable oil company responsible for human rights abuses by its private soldiers in Indonesia?
Coffee in Cairo
Starbucks is launching its first chain in Cairo. But can it replace traditional Egyptian culture, like sheesha smoking?
Depopulation Hebron
Hebron's old market population has decreased by 80 per cent in a decade.
Human Wrongs
People & Power investigates the darker side of Tunisia.
Extraordinary Antics
The CIA is on trial in Italy for the use of 'extraordinary rendition'.
Cheap Salmon
Fishermen say salmon farming is having a devastating effect on native species.
Fragmentation of the Middle East
A panel of experts discuss the troubles facing the region.
G8 Special
Is the US administration really serious about tackling climate change?
Blood Trails
As many as 30,000 Argentineans were killed during the country's 'dirty war'.
Bloody Tea
Assam produces a quarter of the world's tea but is home to a 28-year insurgency.
Rigged Markets
Free markets are meant to be fair, but are they really? People & Power investigates.
Seeing It Through
After Argentina's economy collapsed factory workers took over bankrupt factories.

Argentinean Land Fight
People & Power investigates how climate change is pitting the rich against the poor.
Blair's Legacy
A team of Blair experts answer the people's questions about his time in office.
Banking On It
In this episode of People & Power Max Keiser investigates whether the World Bank really alleviates poverty.
I Love Malaya
Malaysian communists, expelled during the 1960s, are desperate to return home.

Fish For Oil
It is estimated that oil smuggling costs Iraq up to $4billion a year.
Bus 601a
People & Power examines France's social problems ahead of the country's elections.
Communists in Kolkata
The government is moving poor people off their land to make way for a car plant.
Iraqi Refugees
People & Power looks at the plight of Iraqi refugees in Jordan.
Green Fields and Gas
The residents of Rossport, Ireland are taking on Shell over plans to build a pipeline.
Bargaining Chips
What the policy of prisoner exchange means for the families of those involved.
French Elections
People & Power investigates some of the social issues at the heart of the election.
Democracy Delta Style
As Nigerians head to the polls, People & Power looks at the nation's key issues.
Baghdad Lives: Hilba Bassem
People & Power meets a young woman trying to make sense of her violent surrounidngs.
One of the most famous footballers of all time has officially been given the status of 'God'.
Turf Wars
Have officials in Cambodia been profiting from illegal land seizures?
Bagdad Lives - Staying
An Iraqi filmmaker's account of his attempts to build a future against all odds.

Source: Al Jazeera