The government's attacks on monks shocked
civilians, who hold them in high regard [REUTERS]
People & Power examines the clash of "people power" with military might in Myanmar.

After more than a week of protests led by monks in the city of Yangon, government troops have surrounded and occupied several Buddhist monasteries.

With the death toll in the protests alleged to be far higher than the 10 reported by Myanmar's state-run media - as high as 200 according to activists on the ground - witnesses say the government suppression is only going to escalate.

What should the international community do? What can it do?

Samah El-Shahat presents an engaging in-studio discussion with spokespeople from Human Rights Watch and the National League for Democracy, along with a lead report from Juliana Ruhfus.

We also hear the personal stories of Burmese refugees.

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This episode of People & Power aired from Sunday 30 September 2007

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