Hundreds of Sudanese refugees are fleeing to Israel in the hope of a better life
How can a country be a democracy that accepts people from all nations – while also maintaining its Jewish majority and identity?

This is the dilemma Israel faces as it is forced to deal with the mounting number of Sudanese refugees fleeing genocide in Darfur as they cross the Egyptian border into Israel.

In the last two months, more than 500 Sudanese refugees have fled to Israel with the hope of beginning a new life. Not a single one of them, however, have been granted refugee status by Israel. The Israeli government fears that granting status will rouse a massive number of refugees from all over Africa, potentially threatening the very identity of the Jewish state.

People & Power's Sherine Tadros reports.


Will life under Fidel Castro’s brother will be any different?
Raúl Castro, Cuba's acting president, recently stated that Cuba has avoided the collapse the US predicted when his brother, Fidel Castro, fell ill a year ago, and signaled he was willing to talk with a new American administration after President Bush leaves power.

But what difference is Raul Castro really having on Cuba's economy? Will he open it up to more foreign investment and allow greater market freedom or instead make the economy more closed?

People & Power ask Cubans what they think will happen at this critical time in their country's history.

(Power of One: Zoya Phan)

Zoya Phan suffered persecution at the hands of the Myanmar military
Zoya Phan is a Karen refugee from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, who had to flee from the Myanmar military and spent over 10 years living in a jungle refugee camp along the Thailand-Myanmar border.

She was granted a scholarship to the UK and studied at the University of East Anglia in 2005. She is now one of the world's leading political activists for democracy in Myanmar.

People & Power profile Zoya Phan's extraordinary achievements.

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