Many ordinary Afghan residents have become
involved in various aspects of de-mining

The UN estimates that more than 80 countries are still impacted by millions of uncleared mines.

Among the worst affected country in the world is Myanmar, made worse because both the government and the militias have refused to sign the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty and continue to use them as a military weapon in their continuing conflict.

In Myanmar, landmines are actively used in almost all border regions by the 30 different ethnic rebellion groups actively operating in the country. In the Karen region of Myanmar, one person is victim to a landmine every day.

Afghanistan is also still one of the heaviest mined countries in the world, with landmines planted indiscriminately over agricultural farms, grazing areas, irrigation canals, residential areas, roads and footpaths, both in urban and rural areas.

People & Power explore the devastating impact of landmine activity across Asia.

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