The Tamil Tigers have been waging a violent secessionist campaign against the Sri Lankan government since the 1970s

After the UK government classified - and banned - the Tamil separatist group LTTE as a 'terrorist' organisation in 2001, diaspora Tamils became more wary of publicly expressing their support for the armed group.

The ban has not been heavily enforced however and the LTTE has allegedly continued to fundraise actively in the UK.

While many Tamils voluntarily give money to the LTTE, others have been subject to intimidation,
Many British Tamils have claimed they were threatened by the LTTE into giving money.
extortion and physical violence, according to Human Rights Watch.

Juliana Ruhfus of People & Power investigates the massive fundraising drive purportedly launched by the LTTE in London from November 2005 onwards, a time when violence was intensifying in the north and east of Sri Lanka. 
Watch this episode of People & Power here:
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Part Two:

This episode of People & Power aired on the 20th February 2007.  

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