Presenter - Samah El-Shahat 
People & Power is about power in the 21st century - who has it, who wants it and how it is being used - and abused.
We travel the world to see how the balance of power is shifting in politics, business and society.
People, places and movements which scarcely registered on the richter scale of power a decade ago are now shaking our world.

Our job is to uncover the stories of how power is applied, for better or worse, in all corners of society, in all parts of the planet.

Juliana Ruhfus
Documentaries are the heart of our show.

They're the people part of People & Power - snapshots of human experience which grab you through strong stories and unforgettable pictures.
We work with independent producers and reporters around the world to take you to the grassroots, drawing on their local knowledge and expert understanding of the issues on their home turf.

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