Hussain Aided was a US marine during
the American intervention in Somalia in 1993
People & Power explore the aftermath of the Pakistani government's crackdown on militants at the Red Mosque.

In an interview with Sapna Bhatia, Benazir Bhutto, a former two-time Pakistani prime minister, discusses the al-Qaeda presence in Pakistan and how she believes the country must move forward.

Hussain Aidid

In an exclusive interview, Hussain Aidid, the Somali deputy prime minister, speaks to Juliana Ruhfus about the Ethiopian 'occupation' of Somalia – and why he chose not to attend the reconciliation and peace conference.

Young Turks

Turkey’s youth have mixed feelings about
joining the EU
More than half of the current Turkish population is under 24.

Last year, the Turkish government emphasised its dynamic population, saying it would make it an engine of growth in the EU. 

But how strongly do Turkish youth believe that Turkey's accession into the EU is a good idea?

People & Power investigates.

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This episode of People & Power aired from Sunday July 22

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