Thousands of Zimbabweans trek for days to reach
South Africa
It used to be considered the jewel of Africa.
Today, Zimbabwe is in political crisis. Its economy is crumbling, and it has the highest inflation rate in the world. This is driving Zimbabweans out in the thousands.
They trek for hours, even days, across the crocodile-infested Limpopo River, and razor wires fences in search of a better life in South Africa.

Most of them are illegal. Lacking proper documentation to enter South Africa officially, they rely on a sophisticated ring of smugglers who guide them through an often long and dangerous journey.

Meanwhile, the South African government is coming under a torrent of criticism for remaining silent as Zimbabwe's political crisis deepens. And ordinary South Africans are becoming more and more resentful of the increasing numbers of Zimbabweans in their country, blaming them for violent crime and a lack of jobs.

People & Power's Zeina Awad gains exclusive access to the underground world of Zimbabwean trafficking with a veteran human smuggler.

The Power of One – The Iceman

Chewang Norphel has single-handedly made a world of difference to his fellow villagers in the Highlands of Northern India. He has provided farmers with irrigation water during their dry season.

Syed Fayaz reports on the power of one man's idea.

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This episode of People & Power aired from 11 - 18 July 2007

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