Followers of the church are commanded to
change their middle name to Diego
One of the most famous footballers of all time has officially been given the status of 'God'.

In the minds of hundreds of Argentineans in the city of Rosario, Diego Maradona, former football star and coke addict, is equivalent to a Living Deity.

The members of the Maradonian Church are rich in religious lore. Maradona's autobiography is their bible. Those who helped him in his career have been named apostles, while those who hindered him have been branded heretics.

There is even a list of Ten Commandments, including the demand to give the members' sons the name 'Diego'.

A fascinating look at one of the world's newest religions.

Dr Helen Lee

Lee's newly developed tests for have been
called a 'healthcare revolution'

There is nothing in life that Dr Helen Lee believes she cannot do – those were the words passed on by her parents as she grew up in China.

Trained in the US, Dr Lee used to work for one of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies.

While she was there, she developed a test for human viruses like HIV and Chlamydia.

But when she learnt that the test was to be developed for rich Westerners - and not the people she believed needed it the most - she quit. 

One extraordinary woman's story.

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