Thousands of protestors have gathered to voice their concerns to the world leaders at the  summit

This week, eight world leaders and their entourages meet in Heiligendamm, Germany to try and agree, or more likely disagree, on climate change, among other issues.

People & Power reports from the G8 summit, where several thousand protestors have been surrounding the G8 fence, outraged by the world leaders' stance on environmental issues, globalisation and global poverty.

The protests come in the wake of US President Bush's shift on environmental policy last week. But his move towards cutting worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, linked to global warming, was greeted with widespread scepticism. After all, the United States had previously refused to sign the international Kyoto Protocol designed to reduce output of global warming gases, and has now confirmed that there will be no long term US targets put in place at this summit.

Robert Holmes Tuttle discusses Bush's change in environmental policy

People & Power meets the G8 protestors as they attempt to make themselves heard by the planetary power brokers.

To gauge if the US administration is really serious about tackling climate change, People & Power's Samah El-Shahat met Robert Holmes Tuttle, the American ambassador to London.

She asks him whether the series of meetings Bush plans to hold with the world's largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions will be anything more than talking shops.

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