The following People & Power episodes can be watched here in full.


First of an on-going report on economic and social development of this Ugandan town.


Max Keiser looks at the issue of Peak oil and its consequences.

Kenya Update
An update on the political crisis with comedian and opposition MP John Kiarie.

People & Power follow a team of election observers on the trail in Ukraine.


Faraway Politics
People & Power ask who stands to gain from the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.


Hunted by the past
People & Power examines the problem of investigating Poland's past.

Sands of Sahrawi
We look at the Polisario movement's struggle for Sahrawi independence.

Death of the Dollar 2
Max Keiser investigates the ill health and possible demise of the US dollar.



Garry Kasparov
People & Power portrays a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president..

Hezbollah Land
We investigate the driving force behind the movement, its people and ideas.

Focus on Locusts
We look at private equity's part in the creation of the global credit bubble.

Greek fires, the days after
We ask what happened to Greece and its people in the days after the wildfires.

Power to the People?
We investigate Chavez's efforts to foster 'direct democracy' in Venezuela.

Diplomatic Duelling
People & Power investigate the diplomatic war between China and Taiwan..

Democracy Asian-style
We look at the applicability of democracy in Asia and ask: is there an Asian model?

Investigating the staggering use of this potent form of speed in the Philippines.

Moving China
More than 150 million have left the countryside to find work in the big cities.

Fighting for Peace
The Nepalese theatre group that calls for democracy through its plays.



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Source: Al Jazeera