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This (Maldives Rising) is the best coverage of Maldives politics and the report is excellent. Dhonfulhu

In my 42 years of life I have never seen any other political leader in the Maldives and also I have never seen any media programmes like Al Jazeera's about the Maldives (Maldives Rising). It was fantastic. I hope in future you will make more programmes about both sides. Thanks once again.
Ahmed Abdullah, Maldives

Thanks, your report (Maldives Rising) was very effective. But that is just a small percentage of what is going on here. People here are suffering from all sorts of human rights abuses. Well, I hope you will focus on Maldives and cover more stories. Thank you for the good work you are doing. Good luck.
Shamau Shareef, Maldives

I would like you to know how grateful and happy I was to see this programme (Maldives Rising) about the struggle for change in the Maldives. It was really a huge surprise that a foreign news network had done such a remarkable job in showing what really is happening in this so-called paradise. I only wish that more news media corporations would follow suit with you in exposing what the current regime is doing in the Maldives. We are simple people, it is a fact that most of the local population still don't know much about democracy, what voting means and what the duties of an elected government are. The Gayoom Regime has done an excellent job in keeping the people in the dark and do whatever they want. We need more involvement from the international community to exert pressure on Gayoom to quit being a dictator and bring about real reforms and better the living standards of the people who have been suffering for ages under his rule. The foreign tourists who come here, who bring in the much needed income for the country need to be more active and aware about how the money they give is been spent. Most of them are under the impression that the Maldives is a relatively wealthy country and people would be living suitable lives. It is very saddening to see where we are today compared to where we should be considering the amount of money generated in this country. I send my sincere thanks and praise to all the members of Al Jazeera who helped in creating this programme. I believe what you have done is an act of sincerity and honourable journalism. Keep it up and cheers for a job well done!
Misbah Ahmed, Maldives

Hey there, I am writing to you from Uganda. That was a great story about the bush people of Botswana (The San Bushmen of Kalahari). I hope you will have a follow up on those that have made it to the urban areas and are leading a different life outside the bush. Why do I say this? It is because your reporting about African issues is so bent on the bad and worse dirty side of Mama Africa. We are watching and comparing you with other cable networks, I hope you do not make us conclude that after all they are also ARABS as we have done with the CNN (they are AMERICANS), the BBC (they are BRITISH). There are a lot of good sides about Africa so we will be happy to see that on your network, like the efforts of our mighty UPDF in Somalia, that is a positive news worthy story and it is an African good success story, after all, while the cowards did not go to Somalia to help those brothers, UPDF the Uganda army is there for Africa and for the African people.
Ali Bakka, Laos

I really enjoy your People & Power shows, especially the Max Keiser programmes. He seems to be one of the financial analysts willing to talk the truth about what's going on in the markets. This latest show Money Geyser being extremely relevant at the moment! Considering peoples pensions and mortgages are all tied up in this, we need more shows like this that explain the workings of the financial markets in a clear and coherent way, rather than the usual "don't scare the market" financial gobbledegook. Well done Al Jazeera and Max Keiser, more please!
Riq Quintano, UK

The programmes by Max Keiser are always excellent. The episode where he travels to Iceland (Money Geyser) to report is especially so. Thank you Al Jazeera for sponsoring this guy! He is the only one providing this kind of truth!
Scott Linder, China

Firstly let me express my thanks for the documentary Bloody Tea. The agony of Assam has largely been left unreported by the world's media and India has been managing to keep the lid firmly down thus far. I sincerely hope that your channel will consider airing further in-depth reports on Assam. Please convey my deep appreciation to Helen Chandlers and her team for producing this excellent piece despite the many obstacles I am sure she had to overcome in the currently militarised Assam where the Armed Forces Special Powers Act is in force. I must congratulate her on being able to obtain information and interviews which I believe your viewers should find very revealing. I am sure Indian restrictions prevented her making the documentary more hard hitting. But, I think this is the best documentary that has been aired on Assam's political situation since the advent of the ULFA. If I may make a humble suggestion not to forget that since getting hold of Assam in 1947, India has been bent upon annihilating the Assamese nation and the people to enable her to keep Assam within the Indian geo-political boundaries. This is the crux of the matter and the reason why the majority of Assamese want a sovereign independent Assam rather than the economic exploitation and unemployment which are quite often put forward as the main reason for such a demand.
Dr M Hazarika, UK

I watched Bloody Tea but there are some important points which you did not include in the documentary. These are: 1 The North-East was not part of Great India it was an independent country under the Ahom Kingdom. 2. The entire North-East was occupied by the Indian army on 14 August 1947. 3. Without any vote Assam's prime minister, Gupinath Bordoloi, signed the treaty with the Indian government. 4. The British army occupied great Assam in 1826. 5. NSCN was the first rebel group to rise against the Indian government. 6. Since 1947 the Indian army is still violating human rights in entire North-East. 7. More then 95 per cent of Assamese people support the ULFA and other rebel groups. People also want the entire North-East to be independent.
Jasmin Baruah, India

A wonderful piece of work (Bloody Tea) and thanks to you, this long problem of Assam was put on the world stage today. I found the piece very cleverly done and to capture the essence in a short period was remarkable work. Well done Hazel! Kudos to the People & Power team!
Subhash Goswami, UK

Max had it mostly right in Rigged Markets. US markets are currently subject to unbelievable interference. However, he missed one point with the bailout of the Long Term Capital Market hedge fund in 1998. The FED orchestrated the bailout, but did not use taxpayer's money to save LTCM. The Wall Street firms that had lent or funded LTCM actually put up the money - some $3.4 billion. Otherwise, a good summary of current conditions.
Mike McGowan, California

Far worse than what you have already reported (Rigged Markets) - the US government directly interferes in all gold markets, foreign and domestic. Screaming for 11 years, now!

Exceptionally good programme (Rigged Markets). I have only recently started watching Al Jazeera, and am astounded at the high quality of your reporting, especially Max Keiser. You do stories that the rest of the media are afraid of. Thank you! Keep up the good work!
Kenneth Young, Latvia

Thank you for making public what I have long since observed and concluded by observing markets and the influence financial institutions have on these. As a small investor one is powerless against these institutions and their financial muscle. I have stopped heeding 'buy' and 'sell' recommendations long ago, and when 'analysts' voice their sentiment, I allude to exactly the opposite. And in doing so I have become far more successful as a small investor. Excellent work, every small investor should see it.
Mo Donaldson, Germany

Max Keiser's show (Extraordinary Antics) is excellent! Bringing us the real truth, please keep it coming!

I really like the laconic hard-hitting style of Max Keiser. If you are interested in doing something on corruption in Germany, there is a right mess here.
Davy Mitchell, Germany

After watching the article on Thai ex-combatants, some of whom died in the jungle, I was struck by the possibility that China might invade Thailand and wondered how this would affect affairs in that area? However it is of no surprise that the modern Thai government does not wish to recognise them, sad though this fact may be, and labels them as communists still. For better or for worse Thailand has such an active, high-profile tourist industry that it cannot afford to be associated with anything that might put potential tourists off.
Mr CJ Hudson, UK

The premise of your programme is the question: "How can ordinary people stand up to the state or other power which is oppressing them?" I would like to see a programme about how ordinary Iraqis can stand up to a brutal resistance which does not fight for them and which murders them in the hundreds every day while making all efforts to provoke sectarian violence. Such a programme could be a great help, especially to the Iraqi people who only want peace and security and an end to violence.
Maria Dami, UK