(From right to left) Ahmed Abdel Malik, Ibrahim Mousawi, Amr Hamzawy and Azzam Tamimi

With civil war in Iraq, fighting between the Lebanese army and militant Palestinian refugee groups, and Israeli attacks on Gaza, People & Power presenter Samah El-Shahat asks her guests to explore the causes of the apparent fragmentation of the region.

She is joined by Dr Azzam Tamimi, the director of the Institute for Islamic Political Thought, Dr Amr Hamzawy, a senior researcher at the Carnegie Endowment, Dr Ibrahim Mousawi, the editor-in-chief of foreign news at Al Manar TV, and Dr Ahmed Abdel Malik, a Qatari journalist.

The expert panel also look for solutions to the continuing troubles in the Middle East.

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This episode of People & Power aired from 03 June 2007

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