The guerrilla fighters have been living in hiding for
nearly 50 years
ommunism is a dirty word in Malaysia and guerrilla communists in exile, now in their seventies, are desperate to return home.

In their youth, Malaysian communist soldiers fought the British colonial government, in what became known as the Malayan emergency, but in the 1960s the Malaysian government expelled the guerrilla fighters from the Communist Party of Malaya (MCP). 

Now they have been in hiding for nearly 50 years.

Chan Kar May travels to Southern Thailand to meet them, and discovers that they are desperate to see home soil again.

It seems age has not affected their passions, and their ideology still stands.

They live as stateless aliens, and
Chin Peng, the former leader of the MCP, is now fighting a court case against the Malaysian government to be allowed to enter Malaysia, his homeland.

People & Power
uncovers the enduring communist stigma in modern day Malaysia.


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This episode of People & Power aired from 02 May 2007



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