Rob the Rubbish - single-handedly cleaning up his
towns litter
Worries over climate change are pitting developed countries against developing nations, and the rich against the poor.

Climate change can be slowed down by the conservation of areas such as forests, jungles and marshland - so called virgin territory. But because they are mostly located in poor countries, such as Argentina, problems arise.

These poor nations want to use these large areas of land to bring about increased jobs and income for their people, and not just conserve them.

People & Power investigates whether we should really be asking people in poor countries to forego the pressing need of putting food on the table, for the sake of the future and the planet's health.

People & Power reporter, Bob Abeshouse, flies right into the heart of the controversy and meets Douglas Tompkins, an American millionaire, who has bought massive tracts of untouched land in Patagonia, a wild region in southern Chile.

Though Tompkins sees himself as a conservation philanthropist, the locals see him as a conservation colonialist – People & Power finds out why.

Rob the Rubbish

Then, as part of People & Power's 'Power of One' series, where we look at individuals who are single-handedly making a difference to their community and the world, we meet Rob the Rubbish.

Otherwise known as Robin Kevan, Rob is a retired man on a clean up quest, so that everyone can get a better view.

This is one man's solo fight to beat the rubbish problem in Wales, and then the world. From the vales of the Brecon Beacons, to the Everest Trail, we follow the individual empowerment of the man affectionately known as Rob the Rubbish.

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This episode of People & Power aired from 16 May 2007

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